Tuesday, April 20, 2010

coretan lagi







Back home!!!

I'm back..truly back home for good la..haha. I's unbelievable that i've finished my matriculation programme. hardly survived for one year at kmpp. After gone through so much experiences, experiments, sweet and bitter memories there, i still can't believe that i have finished my matrix.
Right now, i feel like one year in kmpp was like few months only..but in past, i felt like one year at kmpp will drive me crazy..with all the assignment, tutorials, math-past years, physics-workshop, chemistry-consolidation..extra question lagi..aiyooo!!!
but i am happy now..i have showed to everybody that i can do matriculation like kak moon and kak farhanah did..thank u Allah..

I have learned the susah payah kehidupan..learned the attitude of different people..the meaning of true friend..learned something new from my friends and especially from my favourite maths lecturer- Encik Suhaimi.
He taught us well..he taught us the meaning of life..the aim of life..here and hereafter.InsyaAllah.
He always told us about sirah Rasulullah..reminds us to always syukur, always zikir, selawat..
Thank u sir..May Allah bless u~

Huh..kalau nk ingt2 blk, En. Suhaimi tu very weird la perangai dia..haha time kuliah math, rase mcm duduk dlm kuliah maghrib..time kuliah maghrib..habes sume formula math berterabur keluar. Rase macam duduk dalam kuliah maths la pulak..whatever it is..En. Suhaimi yg plg best!!
I want to say thank you..muchos gracias to all my lecturers..from semester 1 until semester 2..
i appreciated their supports, their hardworking and their sincerity of teaching us..penh kesabaran!..
To those friends yg sama2 berjuang, berhempas pulas, bersengkang mata, bermarathon maths malam bersama saya sehingga tersengguk-sengguk..sama2 kesejukan di library study, sama menagis, ketawa, riang, sedih dan gembira..thank you!! semoga kita berjmpa lg dan insyaAllah..pray for our very success..

May Allah bless~

* marathon maths tu specially dedicated to cik najwa.haha
Thank u najwa..huhu

Sunday, January 31, 2010


Know what..? Something terrible happenad to me on SUNDAY, 30th of January 2010.
i swear i won't step my foot at that smelly tasik at kmpp..ever!!!
no wonder i felt bad when yaser asked to go to tasik that day..
rase cm xnk pergi je..
tgk2 ape jd!!! handset..i repeat.my lovely little handset jatuh in that smelly, fishy mangkuk siot punye tasik!!!!.
mula2 cm terkedu, tatau what just happened..
lpas dah trsedar what happened tu, mampuih la aku nanges lagu2...
gila punye nanges la..antara nk biarkn handset tu terbenam je dlm tasik or nk terjun tasik taik tu ambil blk hanset..i'm confused..
mmgla nk amek..tp..i'm a girl..xkn nk kluar tasik ngn baju ketat + basah..
ingt kt kmpp xde lelaki ke..?huh.
ape yg terfikir time tu was..asking for help!!
minta tolong few guys that i know kt situ which is my kuliah mate..
gile la diorg x nk tolong!! sekor pon tamau tolong ..fine x pe.
last decision..terjun je la!!!
naseb baik ade sabby..die teman skali masok tasik tu..
at last..dpt gak handset.Sabby yg jmpe..die selam..huh..rase bersalah kt sabby!!
i owe you big time sabby!!! love you..
time nk kluar tasik, selipar plak terbenam dlm selut tu..adoiyaiii!!
it's crocs tinggal sebelah je......!!!!!! sedey kot..br je bli slipar crocs tu x smpai sminggu..
then, bo n syuk smpai..baiknye diorg terfikir nk sroh muna n yaser ambilkan towel untk kitorg..
what a kind of you guys..even x 1 prcticum pon, aku terharu kot bile korg terjun gak semata2 nk carikan crocs..waaaaa..
walaupun crocs x dapat diselamatkn, aku btol2 berterima kasih to those that helped me that day..Sabby, Muna, Yaser, Bo, Syuk, syafiq, own and an..
thank u guys..this'll be one of the very2 unforgottable memory for me!
tTo guys yg bersengkang mata nk betulkan hanset aku..thank you..hope korg kenyang makan roti canai yg sebarape tu..huhu
i am so lucky to have you all as friends..
kn btol..boys made a good friend..
girl of course la..exspecially to my very2 lovable roomate..
love you guys!!!!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Addicted..? haila..haila..

me? addicted..? huhu
of course la with korean drama..
the latest one that really give an impact to me is
'Boys over flower'.
Just imagine, i can finish all the 25 episodes with 5 parts in each
episodes within 5 days. 5 days!!!
Stayed up at nights until 3 a.m..just because i eagerly want to finish up that story!
I just can't believe this.
I should stayed up to study right..?
but..things happen..lgpon..it's holiday what..
ahah! one more thing..you know what..
i even can understand korean lil' bit.
I really love to watch korean drama until
i seem to understand them..hahah..
touching la citer tu..
syok kot.
i'm wondering, and curious..
wujud ke couple cm dlm citer tu..?
sgt2 faithfull..pnuh ngn ksabaran..
tahan sgala macm ujian dan dugaan..
Gu Jun Pyo and Geum Jan Di..
ok..that's enough..
talking bout holiday..
i haven't finish up my homeworks and assignments yet..
bet you know why..
English project lagi..
Gila tak gila..i'll be the first one yg kna present english tu..Monday!!
Apasal la cabut undi dpt no 1..
Messy btol..but, looking on the other side, it gives me more benefits right..?
because i'll be the bench mark for other people.
sounds good. Hope that i can do my very best..!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Live for today.

Its been a while since i wrote the last post. well, actually i've been very busy for these few months. Tutorials, quizes, co-curiculum, sports, and final exam. what on earth..? huh.
and you know what, i realised now why my uncles didn't support me when i decided to go for matriculation and yet they as me to go for diploma. I now realised that life in matriculation is not an easy one. Once you take a break, or let say you left one step behind, you'll be lost.
Its not like school life anymore. Its totally changed. you have to depend on yourself. Just trust no one more than you trust yourself. It is normal for the youth to think 'why should i waste my 3 years taking dip while i can finish up my matrix and go for degree on the next year?' that is what i thought after the spm results was out. stubborn girl..kepala konkrit.huh
and one year at matrix is not easy..! seriously the very the tough one. should i say that i regret my decision now.?
i have to face the path that i taken.so here i am with the very giga punye susah final exam.
i am scared..what if i cannot make it.? what if my result is not good till i cannot get to continue my next sem..? haila...haila..sangat takut..
its all depends on me rightio??
live for today to create the future.
i have to start thinking what i wanna be in the future.
still haven't found yet the ambition that i've been looking for a while.
All this while, in my mind..there's only 1 vision, study first,job will come later when i get the best result.but now, i think i have to change that.
seeing my friends all having their own vision make me a bit jealous.
designer, doctors, nurse, engineer..huh..
i have to start thinking, searching, and knowing my interest..
should i take a personality test huh??

Saturday, August 29, 2009


what to do..???
da x ley nk gerak dah otak nih..
stuck kt traffic light yg ntah ble nk jln.
(gaye cm ade the big bang problem jek..)
walhal. kecik je pon..
ye ke kecik..?

aku nk kuar g jmpe kwn psl die nk fly dah 3.9.2009 nih..
comfirm la after this payah ag nk meet..
skrng pon really2 hard to meet..huh
sorang utara, sorang selatan..
the problem is,
xkan nk kuar buka puase ngn dia??
im not feeling good r cmni cz
aku blk cni smata2 nk buka puase ngn family..
takkan nk g kluar kot..
xboley langgar prinsip aku..
family first..hehe
nk send dia smpai ke airport mmg la xkn tercapai
psl i have kuliah at that time..perrgghhh
tefon je la..
mane boley..xkn x jmpe..
heh..g rumah dia??
cm malu jek..segan kt parents dia..

leh..cm x penah jmpe je gaye..
nmpknye..the best way kt sini ialah
capai telefon n buat crank call..???
x de la..
call die n ckp study hard and take care..
susah btol..
kwn dgn die dah almost 11 years..
lame x lama tuuhh..
pejam celik..masing2 dah finished school

p/s~ awak, sori ye x dpt nk antar smpai airport..
kalo ikutkn mmg pon nk anta smpai pintu departure tu..
heh..jgn lost contact ye..tke cre..
(gaye cm ckp ngn die dpn2 jek..)

manusia diatas ialah seorang best friend known since i was in standard 1.
accidently, tersama sekolah smpai secondary school and bawa haluan masing2
setelah tamat spm..